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What Is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is essentially the coming together of two different Google products; the Google Merchant Centre and the Google Ads platform. 

The Google Merchant Centre is where your product feed is kept.  Your product feed is, putting it simply, a list of your products and all of their details such as condition, price and global reference numbers etc.  The Google Merchant Centre then stores this information in a format that Google Ads can understand and relate to.  When you see a product feed it can be confusing and somewhat overwhelming. 

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The Google Shopping campaign lives in the Google Ads interface.  Once the Merchant Centre has uploaded your product feed into the Google Ads interface you will be able to optimise, gain a better understanding of performance, set bids and manage all other aspects of the campaign. If you’ve ever used Google Ads in the past you will be familiar with how the account is built and structured.  Google Shopping campaigns, in particular the ads, are different from the traditional extended text ads Google Ads search network throws up. 

Google decide what ads to show based on several different criteria with the main pain points being your bids, your site and your product feed.  There are two main areas your ads can show in.  As per the image, your image ads can show at the top or the right-hand side of a Google search page.  Alternatively, your ads can be listed in the shopping tab (seen under the search bar in the image). 

This all sounds very complicated, right? 

What is Google Shopping Management?

Well, luckily, we’re here to help.  The team here at Genus Marketing has plenty of valuable experience with Google Shopping Management. Once you get started with Genius, we will take care of all of the hard work that’s associated with setting up and initially optimising your Google Shopping Management project. 

At the start of your project we will focus on the following four areas; 

  1. Google Product Feed Creation 
  2. Google Product Feed Optimisation 
  3. Bidding &  Monitoring   

By getting these four areas pulling in the right direction, you can expect to see your Google Shopping Management result in plenty of interest and, dare I say it, online sales. 

For more information on our Google Shopping Management, feel free to call us on 1300 848 360 or simply contact our Google Shopping Management team by filling out our contact form. Happy shopping! 

John Dunstan

Marvellous support, feedback and results. Contacted Genius Marketing via a referral from an associate and I simply couldn’t be happier. I operate a small accountancy firm in the north of Brisbane and have had terrible time getting any traction via any online platform.

Toby Watkins

All we wanted was an honest and frank company to look after our google adverts. We found exactly that in Genius Marketing. I’ve used a number of different firms to get my adwords account moving in the right direction for my carpet cleaning business in Brisbane and they have all failed to deliver on their promises.

Roger Humpries

I've never reviewed any business online before but I felt compelled to break the habit of a lifetime to tell you about my experiences with Genius marketing and my Google adwords account.

Lilly Mercer

Not yet signed up yet but I’ve been so impressed by the service I’ve received so far. With absolutely no commitment to start with them they have afforded myself and my business partner in excess of three hours simply working out which direction we should go in with our on-line marketing. Very impressed. Lillyana.

Dean A

If your looking for a Marketing team for whatever your purpose may be then I ask you to stop right now and give these guys a call! The team at Genius Marketing will be the best thing you ever do for your business.

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