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The Elephant In The Room

Before we start to talk about Microsoft Ads or Bing Ads Management, we have to explore the elephant in the room; Google. 

Microsoft Ads are considered to be the younger, poorer Brother to Google Ads, but that isn’t quite true. Let’s explore the figures.  Yes, it’s true that Google dominates the market share for search engine traffic with many people quoting a 90% market share.  This equates to roughly 10 billion searches per day across the globe. 

Microsoft and their Bing search engine command a 3.19% market share.  This number alone has led many people to dismiss Bing Ads.  When you consider that the huge number of searches performed on Google every single day, 3.19% would equate to roughly 300,000,000 (That’s three-hundred-million) searches per day – not a small number at all! 

What Are Microsoft Ads/Bing Ads

Microsoft Ads are, in short, Microsoft’s online marketing platform.  You can select keywords that relate to your business and geographical area and bid on positions where you’d like your advert to rank.  Most small business owners will be familiar with Google Ads.  It’s exactly like that but much, much, much cheaper to advertise on. 

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Why Choose Microsoft Ads Management/Bing Ads Management

Well, we’ve seen the figures, now think about this; Windows is the largest selling computer operating platform in the world with every unit using Bing as the default browser.  This opens up a lot of possibilities. 

With Google Ads’ average cost-per-click going up a lot of people are looking for alternatives and Bing Ads Management is coming up trumps.  We’ve seen client’s average cost-per-click drop from over $20 per click on Google Ads to around $4.00 on Microsoft Ads.  Of course, this changes from industry to industry but we’re yet to see a higher cost per click on Bing that Google Ads. 

Putting it simply, due to the fewer people searching on Bing they have less advertisers.  Less advertisers make things a lot less competitive.  This is where our Bing Ads Management comes in.  

Bing Ads Management is very similar to Google Ads; 

  1. You set a daily budget 
  2. You create campaigns, AdGroups, Keywords and Ads in the same way  
  3. You set keyword bids 
  4. You can generate the same reports 

These are just some of the similarities between Bing and Google.  The good news is that if you have existing Google Ads account, as part of our Bing Ads Management, we can export the account structure complete with the campaigns and settings! 

Who Is Microsoft Ads/Bing Ads Management For?

We get asked this a lot and, in truth, Bing Ads are for all business owners who are after better value from their online marketing.  

We have found, based on years on working with Bing Ads, that the leads are more qualified and have a better chance of converting than other platforms.  There isn’t a particular ‘stand-out’ reason for this but we do find that advertisers who are appealing to older, financially stable customers get the best success from our Bing Ads Management. 

How To Get Started

If you’re interested in advertising your business online using Microsoft/Bing, it couldn’t be easier – simply get in touch with our team in sunny Brisbane and ask us about our Bing Ads Management offering. We will bombard you with questions about your business and build up a picture of who you are, what your business is about and if Bing Ads Management is right for you. 

The Sweetener

We know that everybody loves a deal and we are no different.  If you’re setting up a new Microsoft Ads account, we can ensure you get a $100 voucher to spend on your Microsoft Ads account.  Yes, that’s right, a $100 credit on your account.  This offer does change from month-to-month but as we put this page together you simply have to spend $25 to qualify for the $100! Call us today or leave us a message and we’ll be only too happy to go through everything in a bit more detail regarding our Bing Ads Management. 

John Dunstan

Marvellous support, feedback and results. Contacted Genius Marketing via a referral from an associate and I simply couldn’t be happier. I operate a small accountancy firm in the north of Brisbane and have had terrible time getting any traction via any online platform.

Toby Watkins

All we wanted was an honest and frank company to look after our google adverts. We found exactly that in Genius Marketing. I’ve used a number of different firms to get my adwords account moving in the right direction for my carpet cleaning business in Brisbane and they have all failed to deliver on their promises.

Roger Humpries

I've never reviewed any business online before but I felt compelled to break the habit of a lifetime to tell you about my experiences with Genius marketing and my Google adwords account.

Lilly Mercer

Not yet signed up yet but I’ve been so impressed by the service I’ve received so far. With absolutely no commitment to start with them they have afforded myself and my business partner in excess of three hours simply working out which direction we should go in with our on-line marketing. Very impressed. Lillyana.

Dean A

If your looking for a Marketing team for whatever your purpose may be then I ask you to stop right now and give these guys a call! The team at Genius Marketing will be the best thing you ever do for your business.

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