3 Reasons You Need A Google AdWords Manager

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3 Reasons You Need A Google AdWords Manager

Tracking, researching, testing – it’s all very time consuming and difficult to wrap your head around when you have a business that’s depending on your constant attention to run smoothly and efficiently. So, how do you promote said business when you’re too busy trying to keep everything afloat?

Google AdWords is the answer and Genius Marketing is here to supply it. As an established AdWords managment entity in Brisbane, our aim is to help entrepreneurs in our local area compete against their larger industry tycoons. Constantly keeping in the loop of the latest algorithm changes and search engine updates, we know how to make you stand out above the rest at a price you can afford. Here’s how:


Keyword research isn’t always easy, but with a trained and qualified Google AdWords expert on your side, your business has the potential to reach the most relevant and motivated traffic. With a more advanced understanding and awareness of what users are searching for, hiring a Brisbane AdWords management agency can assist you in uncovering terms you might have never even considered (such as misspellings and abbreviations). Despite having free keyword tools easily accessible via a quick search, the best and most useful results will be churned out by a paid service or a pay-per-click (PPC) specialist who has the knowledge and practice to divulge the terms that will result in a better return on investment for your brand.


Proving your campaign is effective can be time-consuming and, at times, a bit of a headache. Measuring clicks and impressions, testing which ad works best, finding out what pages your visitors are viewing the most – it can seem all too much for an entrepreneur trying to run a successful business in Brisbane. Focusing on AdWords managment for Brisbane’s small to medium business, we offer a full suite of Google AdWords services that includes all of the aforementioned tasks which will be summarised into a report for you to peruse and review at a time convenient to you. One of the main benefits of having an AdWords manager onboard is that their sole priority lies within your very own success.


Market research and building a comprehensive strategy is a core duty of all PPC and AdWords managment companies. This involves curating and creating content that will elevate your brand awareness to drive more targeted traffic to your website. You may think that a simple headline and body text is enough yet, quite often, it may not be optimised for the best results. Developing a thorough understanding of your business goals and your ideal buyer persona is how we operate as AdWords management professionals. By studying your competition and basing our content off other leaders in your industry, we create material designed to boost your click-through rate and conversions (and  you may even find that this will lower your cost-per-click, maximising your budget spend).

With our AdWords management Brisbane team, we aim to get your business succeeding in the online environment. Our comprehensive list of AdWords management services are highly-targeted and results-focused. AdWords management has become a leading advertising strategy that many businesses are now turning to for an affordable yet effective way to increase relevant traffic. Don’t miss your opportunity to grow your business exponentially – contact Genius Marketing today for first-class Brisbane AdWords management services.