3 Common Adwords Mistakes & How to Fix Them

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3 Common Adwords Mistakes & How to Fix Them

If you’re a digital marketer, it’s likely you’ve been utilising Google AdWords for a while now, but as an entrepreneur running your own marketing campaign, it can be intimidating to delve into the platform with no understanding. As the leading channel for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, Google AdWords provides you with access to billions of potential consumers which you can narrow down to your target market and place yourself in front of your ideal audience. So, if you’re thinking of utilising AdWords, or want to improve your already existing account, we suggest perusing these common AdWords mistakes.


Keywords and keyword lists can be a difficult thing to develop – you don’t want something so common you’ll pay a fortune for, but you don’t want something so niche that your ad will never be placed. Because of the complexity in getting keyword lists and groups right, they are amongst the most common AdWords mistakes. As AdWords Management experts in Brisbane, we often see small business owners that have grouped their keywords incorrectly. To avoid this, we generally recommend limiting your keyword lists to 20. We’ve also noticed that not many entrepreneurs take advantage of negative keywords to rule out irrelevant traffic. We suggest adding services or products you don’t provide into this list. Another common AdWords mistake with keywords is not using the right keyword matches. This can get pretty complicated so we would advise that you look into the difference between broad match, broad match modified, exact match, and phrase match.


One of the biggest AdWords mistakes you can make is having poorly written copy in your ad text. Your headline needs to be eye-catching and captivating, the hook. The body text then needs to sell further, ensuring that your prospective customer clicks through. AdWords is smart, it will ban any ad that has excessive punctuation and other content that looks like spam so it’s important that you create something compelling. Try searching for persuasive terms and anything that compels a user to act now and talk about specials and savings or exclusivity.

Not Performing Competitor Analysis

It’s imperative to know who you’re competing against, yet we often see that clients are creating their ads and hoping for the best making this another common AdWords mistake. Finding out what keyword they’re using, what their landing pages say, and what their call-to-action is can help you improve your own campaign. Don’t forget to check their social media and other channels to see what they’re up to and if their audience is engaging and responding positively to their tactics. Try getting into the mind of your buyer persona and imagine what they want to see and hear. Use their success to boost your own and test your new findings until you see an increase in conversion.

As the platform continues to grow, more changes and updates will be implemented. If you’re looking for the best in PPC management in Brisbane, Genius Marketing can help. Avoid these common AdWords mistakes by getting in touch today on 1300 848 360.

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